Philipp Frank's unpublished manuscript, Science, Facts, and Values

Transcribed by George Reisch, with editorial questions and comments in [brackets].
Copyright owned by Harvard University. Note: this ms. does not include the text of its footnotes or references,
all of which appear to have been lost. Also, these files are very rough and unedited.

Part I: [untitled]

Introduction: Science, Facts, and Values
Chapter II: The Longing for a Humanization of Science
Chapter III: Metaphysical Interpretations of Science
Chapter IV: The Sociology of Metaphysical Interpretations
Chapter V: Philosophy of Science and Political Philosophy
Ch. VI. Sociology of Science

Part II: Schools in Contemporary Philosophy

Ch I: Scholastic Philosophy and Thomism
Ch II: The Physical Universe as a Symbol
Ch III: Science and Philosophy in the British and Soviet Encyclopedias
Ch IV: Positivism
Ch V: The Vienna Circle (Moritz Schlick, Rudolf Carnap, and Otto Neurath)
Ch VI: Pragmatism
Ch VII: Mechanistic and Dialectical Materialism
Ch VIII: Dialectical Materialism
Appendix: A Personal Philosophy of Science